Comprehensive Financial Planning


Personalized Planning. One-to-one Coaching.

Financial planning gives you a roadmap and sets you on your way. But sometimes, that’s not enough. To make big changes or achieve challenging financial goals like establishing savings, getting out of debt, or for those who have not started investing, coaching provides the individualized education, guidance and ongoing support you need.

The Planning Process

We begin every client relationship with a series of meetings that allows us to get to know each other and understand your motivation, priorities, and personality. We’ll ask a lot of questions and review your situation to identify challenges. Together we will prioritize your plan, deciding what will be tackled in the initial plan and what will be covered in our future quarterly meetings..

The Coaching Process

After the initial plan is completed, we'll schedule quarterly sessions. During the sessions, we’ll revisit your progress and steps you have taken, ensure the plan is working, answer questions, and then begin work on another aspect of the plan, to meet the long-term lifestyle goals you desire. The accountability helps make swift progress and our expert support allows you to learn as you go and make thoughtful financial decisions.


Comprehensive financial planning has an initial planning fee of $300-$3500. The initial fee is based on what the client wants the initial plan to cover and the number of hours it takes to set up the initial plan. After the initial plan is complete, the client pays $300 quarterly for ongoing monitoring, coaching and access to their Emoney Financial Portal.