Financial Planning


Find your pathway

Red Clover offers financial planning to meet your specific needs. By focusing on education and explaining the important details, we empower you with a plan and a realistic way to carry it out. We know that happiness-driven, dynamic plans are a self-fulfilling prophecy—because they are authentic and achievable, you reach milestones and stay motivated.

Your financial plan focus on one or more elements:

  • Cash flow analysis and recommendations

  • Financial goal setting

  • Investment planning

  • Education planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Major purchases, such as buying a home

  • Life decisions, such as considering a move or job change

  • Retirement income planning

  • Pension options

  • Stock option planning

  • Social Security planning

  • Insurance needs analysis

  • Student loan repayment

The Planning Process

We begin every client relationship with a series of meetings that allows us to get to know each other and understand your motivation, priorities, and personality. We’ll ask a lot of questions and review your financial documents. We’ll also talk about your dreams, your family, your lifestyle, and your bucket list. Getting to know you allows your Red Clover advisor to provide you with options to reach your goals. Together, we determine what works best and finalize a customized action plan. Your Red Clover advisor actively monitors your situation with regular checkups and is available to help you weigh key decisions.

the Right Career works for you

Part of financial wellness is having a career that fulfills you, and offers security and growth opportunities. A happiness-driven financial plan can’t be built on a job that makes you miserable. If you find yourself stuck, at a turning point, or in need of new direction, Red Clover can help point you in a direction that utilizes your talents and satisfies your aspirations.

Building Wealth

When it comes to building wealth, behaviors matter. We use a free DataPoints assessment of your financial patterns of behaviors, to create a personalized report on where you stand, where you excel when it comes to money management, and where you might want to consider improving your financial skills. The assessment and report are based on the strategies in The Next Millionaire Next Door and can provide focus and insight for your financial planning.


Some clients only need help planning one or two financial goals. Others want help with their entire financial picture. That's why we offer our financial planning services at a rate of $225 per hour.